Your people

The people living in your kingdom can be put into two broad categories:

Citizens of cities - managed from the city screen.

Units - managed from the map screen.


For a citizen to become a unit, he need to be brought out of the city. To do this, click his icon and drag him onto the garrison.

At any given time you can recruit only a finite number of units. The current limit is highlighted at the top of the screen.

After dragging a citizen onto the garrison section, the occupation selection dialog opens:

After selecting an occupation the new unit appears in the garrison:

The new unit can be given orders by closing the city screen and looking at the map. Our unit is standing on the icon of the city we have recruited her from. Depending on the unit type, various orders will be available.

The simplest order is the “go to” order - for example, we can order the unit to go to a nearby city by selecting “go to” and clicking that city.

To bring a unit back into town as a citizen, open the city screen when the unit is standing on that city. Drag the unit from the garrison back to any other part of the city (for example the unemployed section).

The unit will disappear from the garrison (and from the map) and become a citizen.

Recruitment limit

The stats panel contains a recruitment limit counter.

The first number is the current limit - it's equal to the number of citizens you can recruit (convert to units) at this time. This number drops every time you recruit a new unit, but slowly rises over time.

The second number is the maximum recruitment limit - representing how much recruitment limit you can accumulate. It starts at 2 and depends on the number of people in the city.

If the current limit is 0, you'll be unable to recruit any new units. If you try, a small popup will appear informing you when the next recruitment will be possible.