People if your kingdom can perform almost any job, with some noteable exceptions. However, people skilled in some specialty will perform noticably better.

Any citizen or unit can have only one specialty - or none. There are 10 skill levels in each specialty. Higher levels improve efficiency - for most jobs this bonus is 10% per level.

Some jobs are considered elite - they can only be performed by those with high enough specialization level (i.e. the priest, castellan and merchant).

The citizen or unit icon changes appropriately with their specialty. The number in the lower right corner represents the specialty level. For example, a level 4 woodcutter, a level 2 farmer and an unspecialized citizen.


A newborn citizen has no skills - similarly a newly recruited unit. They learn by experience - whenever they perform tasks related to their skill, they gain specialization levels. They can advance only in one specialty - a level 1 farmer will not advance to level 2 if he works as a woodcutter.

Some specialities have different paths of education - elite citizens (the castellan, priest and merchant) may only train in a school, academy or university - and it costs gold to train them. They don't advance in skill levels when working.

Every specialty can be learned faster if there's a citizen of higher level in the same city - acting as a teacher.

Removing specialties

To change a citizen's specialty to a new one you need to remove his current specialty. This is irreversible - all the progress and levels will be lost. This can be done by clicking a citizen to open a dialog window with the citizen's details, then clicking “Remove specialty”. Similarly, you can remove a unit's specialty by clicking it on the map.