New citizens

Food consumption

Every citizen consumes 2 food per hour. If there are not enough houses, homeless citizens consume 3 food per hour.

Excess food (the difference between gathered and consumed food) is stored in the city warehouses. The amount of food in storage is shown on the food bar in the resource production and consumption section.

Resource production and consumption

In the example above, the city gathers 72 baskets of food per hour, while the citizens are eating 64 baskets per hour.

The food bar indicates the current state of food production. The green part is the current amount of stored food, while the blue part shows the current increase (per hour).

60 baskets of food, warehouse capacity = 100

The first number is amount of food stored, the second - the warehouse capacity.

The food reserve policy

By default, whenever there are 100 baskets of food stored in the city, a new citizen appears. It's possible to change this behaviour - for example, if the storage capacity is greater than the base 100.

536 baskets of food, warehouse capacity = 600

To set the food policy, first we need to click the citizen icon near the food bar:

… which opens the food policy dialog:

The following options are available:

No storinga new citizen appears when food storage reaches 100
Half of storagea new citizen appears when food storage reaches 100 + 50% of warehouse capacity
Full storagea new citizen appears when the stored food amount reaches maximum
Block city growtha new citizen will never appear

Food deficit

If a city produces less food than it consumes, the food bar will display a negative change per hour. It's highlighted in red.

If the amount of stored food drops below zero, the city will incur “food debt” - commonly known as hunger. The hunger value is colored dark grey on the food bar. Any current food deficit will make the hunger worse.

Every time the hunger bar fills - which means 100 units of food were missing - pestilence will spread. The lowest level citizen dies. This generates an event in the kingdom event log.

Hunger also lowers happiness, in turn lowering productivity.

If the city cannot feed itself, it's possible to sustain the population on imported food. Use transport transport units to bring surplus food from nearby cities.