Certain specialties require reaching a certain skill level. For elite jobs - the castellan, merchant and priest - the appropriate level can only be gained in an educational facility - a school, academy or university. Learning either of these specialties costs 10 per hour. To start education, assign a citizen to “work” in the educational building.

When the student reaches the desired skill level, you can assign him to work in the appropriate social building. Elite proffesions don't gain experience when working - the only way to advance to a higher level is through education. Minimal skill levels for elite occupations can be found in the proper table.

Studying at the university

If you don't remove the student yourself, he'll keep studying till he reaches the maximum level available at his educational building. This might take a few days at a school, or a few months at the university. A citizen that finished education will be moved to the unemployed section.


Some skilled craftsmen also require training before picking up more advanced tasks. For example, blacksmith can produce pikes from the start, but must reach level 5 before producing swordsmiecze.