The citizens of your kingdom can work various jobs - as carpenters, farmers, blacksmiths, merchants - bringing prosperity to the city and to you - their king.

Types of citizens

Citizen jobs can be divided into four basic groups:

Peasants - work in the areas surrouding the city. They gather resources - for example the farmer produces food.

Laborers - work in the workshops. They convert basic resources into goods - for example the carpenter cuts wood into planks.

Builders - work in construction and demolition of buildings. To work on advanced buildings they need level 4 or higher. If they become units and work as settlers or workers, then they'll have the same experience level - it's the same specialty.

Elite - there are 3 elite jobs - the castellan (manages the city and reduces costs), the merchant (increases income) and the priest (increases happiness). They need an appropriate specialty level, which for the elite can only be gained by education.

Citizens management

Citizens can be assigned jobs by draging them around the city screen. Drag a citizen to a building you want him to work and his job will change. You might need to select a job from the list if there are multiple possibilities.

All citizens' occupations are listed in the appropriate table.

Unemployed citizens produce 3 per hour, regardless of their specialty or level. They're located in the lower right section of the city scree.