Game objective - towers


One of the set goals of Gizarma is cooperative rebuilding of ruined ancient towers - scattered around the world map.

Each tower can be rebuilt by citizens of different countries, but their input is duly noted.


To rebuild each of the towers you need to bring resources using transport units - 500planks, 1000bricks and 1000tools.

The goods are unloaded at the tower and are stored there. There is enough space to store exactly the amount needed for rebuilding.

Double-clicking the tower ruin will show a dialog window with info about the amount of available resources and the progress of reconstruction. The “available resources” line shows what construction materials are waiting to be used, while the “needed resources” show what still needs to be delivered. All 3 resources types are used in proportion - whenever one of them reaches 0, the rebuilding effort is stalled.

Even before the construction materials are delivered it's possible to assign settlers and workers to work. When they are ordered to move to a ruined tower, the “rebuild” order becomes available.

The tower dialog gives up to date information about the project progress.

A fully rebuilt tower's dialog will have statistics about each kingdom's participation - shown as percantages of the rebuilding effort.

A completed tower also works as a vantage point - greatly increasing the view distance of any unit standing on it.

Blocking and attacking towers

While it's possible to cooperate on the tower, it's also possible that one kingdom blocks it. This is done by placing a fortifying a military unit (or group of them). A blocked tower can only be rebuilt by the military unit's owner. Other kingdoms can enter that field or rebuild the tower.

Kingdoms may attack a blocked tower. Fighting is done the same way as with barbarians - each battle ends with a total defeat of the losing side. If the attacker wins, their army is automatically fortified on the tower - blocking it. It's not possible to have more than one kingdom attack a tower at the same time.

Blocking and unblocking towers generates an event in the kingdom logs, visible for all players.


The global progress on the towers is displayed in side panel of each kingdom. The numbers shown indicate the number of fully rebuilt towers and the total number of towers.

Clicking that text shows a statistics dialog, with a breaking of how much each kingdom rebuilt.

After all towers are rebuilt, the game is considered finished. The statistics window will show a kingdom ranking of sorts. The game is not stopped - it's still possible to develop your kingdom. However, it won't be possible to join such a game.


Points for rebuilding towers are assigned for sending both workers and resources, and are devided in proportion between the kingdoms taking part in the rebuilding process. Points for construction material delivery are 70% of the total points.