Maps in Gizarma are divided into irregularly shaped regions. A region is the smallest, indivisible fragment of a map. Each region has one particular terrain type associated with it, perhaps with some special resource (like gems, deer or iron). Regions can also contain man-made objects, like cities, towers or settlements. A kingdom exerts control of regions near the kingdom's cities.

Part of map, with regions highlighted in color

Your units can change the way the world looks - cutting forests, building mines, roads, fields, and of course settling new cities. They can turn wildlands into the future heart of your civilisation.

All the kingdoms in one Gizarma world share the same map. You can find cities and units belonging to other players (or to barbarians), ancient ruins and towers in need of rebuilding. At first you can see only a small fragment of the map, near you initial city - you'll need to send out units to explore.