Map screen

The first screen you see in the game is divided into several areas:

Main map screen
  1. Main map
  2. Button bar
  3. Mini-map
  4. Side panel
  5. Status panel

The main map (1) displays kingdoms, cities, units, secret locations etc. When you move the mouse over the main map (1), the highlighted region is surrounded by yellow dots, and the status panel (5) shows hints about that region (and any objects on it). The hints include terrain base resource production - how much one unskilled citizen would produce.

There are two ways to move the map: click and drag the main map (1) or the mini-map (3). If you get lost, the target icon in the lower left corner of the mini-map centers the main map(1) on your capital city. You can enlarge the minimap clicking .

Double-clicking on your city opens the city screen. Double-clicking another kingdom's city shows information about it in the side panel (4).

Clicking on one of your units on the map (1) will select it and display it's orders in the side panel (4). Double-clicking another kingdom's unit or on a tower will open an informational popup window.

Dotted lines of various colors highlight kingdom borders. Black dots represent barbarian borders.

Three borders

In the button bar (2) at the top of the screen, clicking the blue dot (or using the 'N' keyboard shortcut) shows the next unit without orders. If there's no blue dot button, then all units are busy :)

The other buttons from the top bar have the following functions:

button bar

The side panel (4) by default displays the kingdom name, points counter and an indicator of the amount of cities built. The first number is the total amount of cities you built, the second is the limit of cheap cities you can have (based on your king's Charisma). The game allows you to build more cities than the limit would suggest, but it increases the upkeep costs across your kindom.

The side panel displays also an indicator of how many towers have been rebuilt. You can read about it here.