King's talents

The king gains experience over time - allowing him to develop new talents. Talents can by managed by clicking the king button from the main map view.

The talents dialog window opens, with information about the king's total level, experience points, rate of advancement, learning points, and of course the actual levels and costs of each talent.

The talents dialog

Hovering over each talent's icon displays it's description. Detailed desriptions can also be found here.

The king's experience increases in proportion to the square root of the kingdom's points. With each level the king gains 10 learning points, which are used to increase talent levels.

In the talents dialog, clicking the green talent level label advances that talent to the next level. If you don't have enough learning points, the label is grey.

Talent levels are capped at 10. Each subsequent level is more expensive than the previous one:

Talent level Learning points cost
1 4
2 5
3 6
4 8
5 10
6 12
7 15
8 18
9 21
10 25