Your kingdom is your cities, placed in various locations of the world. It's your citizens, working various jobs. It's also your units, moving around the map. Your kingdom also has a treasury where the gold kept - cities generate income, part of which is collected as taxes. The tax rate is the same for the whole kingdom. The tax money is used to maintain workers outside of your cities, your transport units and your army. If you don't keep your finances in shape and run out of money, morale will drop and your units will start to desert.

The top left corner of the main screen contains info about the current amount of money in the treasury, the current income, as well as the tax rate control.

90 coins in treasury, income 3 coins per hour, tax rate 40%

The economy of your kingdom is dependent on your tax rate - too low and you'll go bankrupt, too high and your people will be unhappy.

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