Cities are the economical centres of your kingdom. Goods are gathered and produced in cities. New citizens can be acquired here, horses can be bred, and units can be recruited.

Of course you need to take care of your cities to be able to benefit from them. First and foremost - food production. Without food your citizens will starve.

It's also worth having your people as happy as possible. A city with high happiness is cheaper to maintain, while it's citizens receive a productivity bonus.

Po drugie, warto utrzymywać możliwie wysoki poziom zadowolenia. Miasto w którym masz wysokie zadowolenie kosztuje cię mniej, a jego mieszkańcy pracują wydajniej.

All cities pay a fixed tax which arrives in the kingdom's coffers. A higher tax rate means more gold in the king's vault, but lower happiness in the ciies. On the other hand - maintaining your cities costs money, depending on their size. You'll need to find a balance between making a profit and having your cities develop faster.

New cities can be founded by settlers and workers.

To enter a city (open the city screen) you just need to double click it on the map screen, or use the city list.

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