Resources and production

Citizens of your cities gather and produce resources.

Goods gathered from the surrounding terrain (and the respective jobs):

  • food (farmer, fisherman, hunter)
  • wood (woodcutter)
  • clay (clay digger)
  • furs (hunter)
  • iron ore (miner)
  • grapes (grape farmer)
  • hops (hops farmer)
  • hardwood (woodcutter)
  • salt (salt gatherer)
  • ambregris (fisherman)
  • gems (gem miner)
  • ivory (hunter)
Gathering resources from the land

Goods produced from raw resources are the following:

productraw materialprocessing buildingcitizen's occupation
planks wood or hardwood craftsman's home, carpenter's home, carpenter's workshopcarpenter
bricks clay + wood craftsman's home, brick kiln, brickyardbrickmaker
iron iron ore + wood craftsman's home, bloomery, smelterironmaster
tools iron + wood craftsman's home, smith's house, smithy blacksmith
clothes furs craftsman's home, tailor's house, tailor's workshop tailor
ceramics clay craftsman's home, potter's house, pottery kilnpotter
drinks grapes or hops brewer's house, brewery wine maker, brewer
scissors iron + wood smith's house, smithyblacksmith
harps hardwood + tools harp workshopharp maker
horses food corral, stablehorse breeder, horse catcher
shortbows wood craftsman's home, carpenter's home, carpenter's workshopbowyer
longbows hardwood + iron carpenter's home, carpenter's workshopbowyer
pikes iron + smith's house, smithyweaponsmith
swords iron + wood smith's house, smithyweaponsmith

More details about occupations and resource production can be found in the appropriate table.

Goods production