The citizens' happiness improves overall productivity in the city - therefore it's important to keep it high.

The happiness is calculated as average city prosperity over the last 24 hours - so it will never change instantly, only gradually.

In Gizarma there are 5 happiness levels:

HapinessAvg. prosperity from last 24hWork efficiency
Riotbelow 12%-25%
Unrest12% - 31%-10%
Calm32% - 51%+0%
Optimism52% - 71%+10%
Enthusiasm72% - 91%+20%
Long live the king!above 91%+35%

The current happiness level is marked on the city screen:


Clicking the little happy (or sad) face will open up the happiness details window, listing all factors affecting happiness, as well as the forecasted change.

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City prosperity is increased by the following factors:

  • Religion points - produced by priests working in sacral buildings
  • Luxury points - based on the city income leftover by the tax rate
  • Small to medium cities (up to 30 citizens) gain a bonus to prosperity.

The biggest rise of prosperity can be observed if there is a balance between religion and luxury points.

In the capital city, the king produces an additional 10 points of religion and luxury.

City prosperity is decreased by the following factors:

  • Not enough accommodation in houses
  • Hunger
  • A large number of citizens in the city
  • The kingdom going bankrupt

Additionally, prosperity slowly declines as game time progresses.