The city centre is where buildings are located. There is a limit of 16 buildings per city - except for coastal cities, which have 3 additional slots for sea-related buildings. Different buildings have different roles, efficiency and construction costs. There are several basic groups of them:

  • Houses - provide accomodation
  • Workshops - allow laborers to produce goods
  • Warehouses - increase the city storage capacity
  • Sacral - provide employment for priests, increasing city happiness
  • Trade - provide employment for merchants, increasing city income
  • Administrative - provide employment for castellans, decreasing city upkeep costs
  • Education - allow training of priests, merchants and castellans.

In coastal cities there are 3 additional types:

  • Ports - support bigger ships [not yet implemented], increase city range over sea
  • Shipyards - allow ship building [not yet implemented]
  • Lighthouse - improve fisherman efficiency

The full list of buildsings is available here.


Buildings are constructed using planks , bricks or tools . Some buildings can be constructed only in cities which fullfil some requirements - for example walls or enough population. More info can be found here.

To start constructing a building you need to click an empty building plot.


After selecting the building of your choice the plot will change into a construction yard.

choosing a building to construct

The construction will start when you assign a citizen to start working on it.


If there are enough building materials in the city, then after some time the building will be ready.


Some buildings are more complex than others. Constructing advanced structures requires skilled builders - level 4 or higher.

an advanced structure on the building list


If you decide one of your buildings is no longer needed, you might want to demolish it to make space for a new one. Demolishing recovers 50% of the resources used for construction.

To start deconstructoin, start by clicking on the building. In the building details window there is a “demolish” button in the top right corner.


When the “demolish” button is clicked, the building is marked for deconstruction. You need to assign buildings for the process to start.

Deconstruction in progress

The building details dialog shows what building is being taken apart, what is the progress. And how many resources can still be recovered. It's possible to order construction of a new building in the place of the old one - just mark the checkbox and choose the building you want. To change your selection, click the scheduled building to reopen the building selection dialog. Remember to select “Apply changes”.

The demolition order can be revoked as long as the building is at least partially standing. If then building was partially taken apart it'll need to be rebuilt.

Automatic building

If you have several constructions (or demolitions) started, your builder will automatically look for a new building plot to work on. Construction will stop when resources run out, but will automatically resume if a new shipment arrives. This allows to plan construction for a few days ahead.